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I'm Garron, a Product Designer & Strategist

I am currently empowering people on to make the world a better place through tools that have positive real-world impact.

About my work

Design for Impact

My background in Cognitive Science gives me the unique ability to pair elegant design, product strategy and emotion and psychology to build products that solve business needs and real human problems.

In my career I've...

  • Helped fan communities on Facebook meaningfully engage around the things they love.
  • Built products to better serve the 5M+ small and medium businesses that rely on Facebook ads.
  • Designed an app that allows people to access emotional support — attention, compassion, and encouragement — on demand, over the phone. Read more
  • Helped people unlock, on average, the single biggest paycheck of the year through a beautifully designed tax experience. Read more

To learn more about my background and the work I've done, feel free to take a look at my resume.

Outside of my full-time commitments, I work with startups to bring products to market through product strategy and elegant design.

About me

Design for Good

My career so far has been jumping from one product or company to the next, thinking a new job title or salary will lead to happiness. It wasn’t until this year that I began to question this strategy. I started asking myself: “Is the work I do personally meaningful?” “Am I helping people or making the world better?” “How can I use my skills to create social impact?”

To help me answer these questions, I put together a personal mission. This mission is meant to guide the work I do moving forward and the "why" behind it.

My mission

To use design thinking as a tool for social good so that together we can solve the world's socio-economic, political and environmental issues.

To that end, I donate a percentage of my earnings from freelance and consulting work to charity and do pro-bono work for non-profit organizations that I feel align with my mission. If this sounds like you, let's chat.

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