40 million Americans report that they are chronically lonely.

Americans aren’t getting the emotional support they need. And the times when we need support the most are often the same times when it is least available to us.


So we built Happy, an app where people can access emotional support — attention, compassion, and encouragement — on demand, over the phone. Happy connects callers with everyday people who have proven themselves to be exceptionally good at supporting others; we call them “Happy Givers”. Read more on Medium:

Designing Happy: Building a product to further a basic human emotion

Oct 18, 2018 · 8 min read


Early pilots of this product yielded positive results. 94% of callers reported a significant increase in happiness after using the service. There was a 42% average increase in happiness and 54% increase in calmness. And 90% of callers want to use the service regularly.

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