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I'm Garron, a Product Design Lead at Meta Social Impact.

I apply beautifully crafted design to hard, real-world problems in order to create social impact and make the world a better place.

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In 2020 I designed and launched the COVID-19 Information Center on Facebook in partnership with the World Health Organization, CDC, and other local health ministries to ensure people had access to authoritative and timely information.

I also launched Facebook Community Help to support communities hit hardest by COVID-19.

I launched Pet Adoption on Marketplace in partnership with Petfinder to save some of the 1.5M shelter animals that are euthanized per year in the United States. This was a hackathon project that I pitched and designed.

Led design for Facebook Crisis Response for 3 years, including a complete redesign across mobile and desktop.

Redesigned AMBER Alerts on Facebook. Went on to pitch AMBER Alerts on Instagram.

Led brand and product design for Meal Forward, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit combating food insecurity.

Helped 200M Americans complete the 2020 Census.


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Product Design Interview E-Book

I published an e-book to share expert tips on how to prepare for product design interviews

I've been in big tech for almost my entire career and have interviewed and been interviewed hundreds of times. This has given me unique visibility and insight into exactly how to ace a product design interview. This comprehensive e-book distills all of those insights to help you ace your UX interview. It outlines the different interview formats, how to approach them, and what questions to prepare for.

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I write a lot about product design, career growth and social impact.

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